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  • Item #: CS-ITX-MIN-M4-ENC

M4-ATX SFX/ATX enclosure

- SFX / ATX enclosure for
- Replace regular desktop PSUs
- Enclosure: 100x125x63mm. 
- Native SFX formfactor
- Fan included

- ATX adapter plate included - 85x150mm

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Weight 1.00 lbs

Features and Specifications

SFX / ATX enclosure for M4-ATX*, designed to replace regular ATX PSUs. Turn any desktop in to a 12V power system. 

In most cases, fan is not required, however kit includes a 80mm fan, solder it to either 12V rail or 5V output for low speed, low RPM, quiet operation. J3 is designeted pin header for fan (see below). 

Solder the fan terminals as shown in this picture or connect to J3. Recommended settings: GND and 5V


NOTE: Starting 07/08/2009 the fan header, J3, supplies 5V instread of 12V. We recommend connecting your fan terminals to J3 for quiet, low speed operation.